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This is more than sports...

Welcome to Decorum Athletics, the home of champions! We offer exceptional sports programs focusing on Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Cheer. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to develop athletes with discipline, dignity, and decency. With a firm emphasis on sportsmanship, professionalism, and integrity, we instill invaluable life skills that go beyond the playing field. Our athletes embody respect for themselves, their teammates, coaches, opponents, referees, and event staff. Together, we build a powerhouse team united under the principles of unity and modesty. 

Football Match

Meet the Board.

Welcome to our Meet Our Team page! Here, you'll have the opportunity to get to know the dedicated individuals who make up the leadership of Decorum Athletics. Meet our President, Vice President, and two esteemed board members who bring their expertise and passion to our organization, ensuring the success of our sports programs.

About the Founders

Brooke & Maurice Greer

One lesson that resonates with me, and remains a continuous learning journey, is the significant impact of our actions, both small and large, positive and negative, on every facet of our lives. A core objective for us, both as individuals and collectively as an organization, is to swiftly identify and improve upon these seemingly minor aspects of life. It might be challenging, yet opting to modify even the smallest habits can dramatically shift the duration and quality of our journey—turning what could be an extended trek into a swift passage. Attention to detail, such as maintaining etiquette and correctness, plays a pivotal role in living authentically, despite external opinions or appearances. Acknowledging and owning our truth simplifies navigating challenges and correcting mistakes. We emphasize decency and structure, recognizing that progress and discipline are intertwined, and respect begins with self-respect, reflecting in how we interact with others. Transformation and growth stem from embracing what is just and true, leading to a refinement of character. Moreover, modesty guides us to balance confidence with humility as we confidently advance towards our goals. By concentrating on these finer points in our daily actions, we aim not just to excel in sports but to extend this excellence to our academic pursuits and beyond, embodying the very essence of well-rounded individuals.

"Let's walk in Decorum!"

- Greers

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