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Decorum Athletics
Team Registration Form

Upload File (Passport or State ID only)

No refunds: If you are unable to make payment please contact Brooke Greer. All uniforms and apparel after payment are owned by parents/players for them to keep. By signing this form, I agree to these terms:

Decorum Elite Football Registration of $285 + transaction fee= 317.10 (break down below) and $30 monthly field fee must be paid before being able to be a Decorum Member. You will receive a email upon registration with a Decorum Membership link. Once that is paid you will have access to the teams communication group.  Registration Deadline is May 25th. 

Registration includes:

  • 3 uniform sets, Decorum Sweatsuit, & 1 duffle bag -$164

  • League fee- $120

  • $25 for upfront Banquet fee

  • Online Transaction fee  $8.10

Separate payment of $30 monthly field fee- email received after registration is paid


Cheer Registration includes (Cheer Deadline June 7th):

  • Cheer uniform (long sleeve under shirt, shell top, and skirt), sweat suit, back pack, and poms Total before transaction fee is $175 + $5.25 transaction. 


Universal Permission and Medical Statement

In consideration of my child or ward participating in the Decorum Athletics dba Christian Student Athletes Foundation 501©3 and with full knowledge of the risks of injury, such as sprains, fractures, paralysis, or even death, I, for myself, my spouse, my child or ward, and my and their heirs, administrators, successors, and assigns, hereby authorize the Decorum Athletics coaches, assistant coaches, officers, directors and volunteers, along with tournament sponsors, directors, officials and volunteers, to administer emergency medical treatment to my child or ward for and injury or other medical emergency while at practice, at game, at a tournament or while traveling to or from any of these events. This permission and consent extends the right to those enumerated above to arrange for medical treatment by a licensed or certified physician and/or other medical personnel, and for them to apply such emergency techniques which, in their judgement, them deem appropriate to treat an injury or illness sustained by my child or ward.

Release Claims

On behalf of myself, my spouse, my above-named child or ward, and my and their heirs, administrators, successors and assigns, I hereby waive, release and discharge Decorum Athletics and its insurers, predecessors, successors, assigns, officers, directors, employees attorneys, agents, coaches, volunteers, members and participants from any and all claims, obligations and liabilities that may presently exist or that may exist in the future arising from any injuries to the person or property of my above-named child or ward that resulted from or related to, or that in the future may result from or relate to his/hers participation in any Decorum Athletics activity including, but not limited to, his/her participation in Decorum Athletics sponsored games, clinics, practices, his travel in connection with such activities, and the administration of emergency medical care as authorized in this document . I further verify that my child or ward is physically fit to enter this basketball program. I have read and fully understand the above statements.

Select an item ($)

Thank you for Registering!

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